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A background check is a way to find information about someone that may not be readily available. Individuals and institutions choose to conduct background checks for a host of reasons. Whatever the intent, background checks are meant to provide insight into an individual's character to objectively evaluate qualifications, verify achievements, and identify potential risk.

In an era of "instant" internet background checks, many organizations are misled to believe that background screening simply involves plugging an applicant's information into a specific website or database. Reality couldn't be further from the truth! Effective background screening requires a comprehensive approach with an investigative mindset. At Armored Assets, we utilize this approach with every search and take pride in providing our clients the confidence, security, and peace of mind needed in meeting their organizational needs.

“Armored Assets has been instrumental in our hiring process. As an educational institution we are required to hire instructional staff with a clean record. Armored Assets has allowed us to remain in compliance with state regulations, and feel confident we are hiring individuals that meet our requirements.”

Charter School Principal

“Our company processes hundreds of candidates annually for many different clients. Over the years, I have used the services of several different background check companies and without a doubt; the team at Armored Assets deliver their service in a timely and competitively priced manner. What I enjoy most about the company is their dedication to customer service. No matter what questions may arise, they are available and prompt to respond.”

VP of Staffing Company